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Dolphin creates & manufactures watches designed to face extreme conditions.

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Created in 1993, the DOLPHIN brand has built itself along the years, so as to become a key player for watch creation and traditional watchmaking. Well known among collectors in America,Asia, Europe, DOLPHIN combines performance and eleganceso as to create exceptional pieces for unusual characters.

For women and men, adventurers of Marine depths and dreamers of infinite spaces, DOLPHIN offers unusual , extremely resistant watch models: rare watches in Limited series.

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Know-how & Know-how

  1. Know-how
  2. Quality control
  3. Resistance tests
  4. Upkeep and repairs


Know-how from the Swiss watchmaking tradition.
Performance, cost, resistance…
We adapt our watches movements in accordance with your life style.

Know more on the movements choices


Quality control at each step of the watch manufacturing.
Design of the watch, specifications and characteristics tied to your activity...
DOLPHIN only designs models tailored to your requirements.
According to your aesthetic criteria and on budget, we determine a model with a 4 to 6 months delivery time.


Resistance tests in real situations.
Each of our watches experiences extreme live tests.

Tests performed with the French Navy


DOLPHIN ensures the up keep, the repairs and the after sale service,
in CANNES and TOULON in the PACA region.

Contact the DOLPHIN after sales service

Designed for you

Titanium screwed crown at 9H00 for periscope use...

Adapted to your specific use…

French Submarines Forces Watch

Performance and watchmaking traditions…

C.O.S.C (Official Swiss Chronometer Control)

Demineur Divers French Navy

"Fidelitas Via Tempus" Limited Serie
Developped for the French Navy Demineur Divers School.

Cephismer 2000 meters

Watch developped with the French Navy "Human Cell & Subsea Intervention"

Cephismer PLD 2000 meters

Watch developped for the activities of the French Navy Diving Cell


From scuba diving to air & marine navigation, artillery & submarines, DOLPHIN has developped watches to the requirements of Demineur Divers, Seamen in charge of subsea robots and suit divers, Submariners, Staff in charge of Mistral missiles, Pilots and Navigation staff of French Customs airplanes, Nuclear Warships... Others are coming...


I made my self a great pleasure : I chose a DOLPHIN watch because Time passes, and it's better to see it pass beautifully and securely.

Christopher L.

I love the strong, athletic aspect, high class look of the DOLPHIN watches. I am an adventurer and a design eater, and I love that my watch looks like my personality.

Laurence V.
Up keep, repairs and after sale workshops

DOLPHIN ensures the upkeep, the repairs and the after sale service for all his creations in CANNES and LA VALETTE (TOULON).

atelier réparation sav
Contract watchmaker
Upkeep and repairs