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Year after year, the DOLPHIN brand has built its name, so as to become a key unmissable player of the Creation and Traditional Watchmaking.

Our watch passion has never stopped. We are passionate by Collectors watches. Since its creation in 1993, we pursue the same goal: Create rare watches, reliable watches, attractive watches…

Exceptional watches for unusual characters, women & men, passionate adventurers…

Customized watches specialist

From submarine diving to airplane navigation, DOLPHIN has developped specialized watches for Navigation Officers, Artillery Officers, Demineurs Divers, Marine robots specialists, Submariners and their Officers…

Beyond fashion and time, DOLPHIN creates collectors watches

1993, a Sea man, taught by the OCEAN requirements and truth, boats and seamen friend, decides to create the DOLPHIN brand. He imagines rare and attractive watches, timeless collectors watches. From year to year, DOLPHIN has become the specialist of contract customized watches. His commitment in Collectors watchmaking, added to his experience of the profession's traditions, feeds his CREATIVITY, his innovations, and performance control.

Adventurers, Explorers or beautiful mechanical watches Admirers, DOLPHIN WATCHES are made for you !

Known by the world collectors, in America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the DOLPHIN brand strives to show its originality, for unusual characters, swiss F1 journalists, tennismen, soccer players, Jet Set actors,...each of them appreciate our manufacturing experience, the elegance of our models.

Distinction prestige

Our high end watch limited series are voluntarily limited to 50 pieces per model, exemple: our model  Cephismer PLD 2000 meters down to – 1924m on a submarine robot (ROV 2000). Or the submariners watch which passed 3 days outside the turret of Nuclear Attack Submarine...

The choice of excellence

Dolphin Nuclear Warship

This is the best exemple of DOLPHIN's creativity … Asymetrical lines, modern & timeless design, with aesthetic & technic specifications unprecedented in this era, respecting the watmakin tradition, and of course SWISS MADE. Discover the chronograph, chronometer, « NUCLEAR WARSHIPS », internationally registered model, (small serie sold out).

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