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PLH 200m

PLH 200m Dolphin Watches

A.P.A.H.M watch "PLH 200m"

for Helicopters Divers (Marine Nationale)

This new PLH 200m watch has been approved by A.P.H.A.M, (Association des Plongeurs d'Hélicoptères de l'Aéronautique Méditerranée) and developed for it's active and/or past members of the French Navy Helicopter Divers.

S 600 FSM

Dolphin watches S-600 ALFOST

French Navy

French Submarine Forces

The new S-600 FSM has been approved by ALFOST, Commander of the French Submarines Forces (SNLE & SNA). This watch has been made following ALFOST requirements, so as to meet the needs of the submariners, in operations on board of their SNLE and SNA, when facing extreme situations. Therefore DOLPHIN WATCHES is happy to present the new DOLPHIN web site with this S-600 FSM.


Nuclear Warships

An exceptional watch with a lot of personality

Swiss Official Chronometers Control passed (C.O.S.C)

Chronograph, Chronometer with C.O.S.C Certificate, automatic, date, moonphase, hours, minutes, seconds, 30 minutes small chrono totalizer, 12 hours small chrono totalizer, 60 seconds central chrono hand.

A unique watch model in the watchmaking world

Totally asymetrical articulated Chronographe, with articulated lugs, swinging container with security laquered screw, screwed crown and pushers at 12H00 so as to prevent hand bother when you bend your wrist, moonphase at 12H, small totalizers at 3H, 6H, & 9H, date by hand around the dial, automatic movement with Certificate from the Official Control of Swiss Chronometers…
Scarcity, distinction…a DOLPHIN WATCHES creation !


Dolphin S 600 Titane


French submarines forces watch

DOLPHIN WATCHES has developped this automatic watch for the French Submarines Forces with the help of P.M. Guillaume O, and the approval of the Nuclear Attack Submarines Commander, to answer the specific needs of the Nuclear Submarines.

CEPHISMER 200 meters

Dolphin CEPHISMER 200 mètres

CEPHISMER - French Navy

Human Diving Cell and Under Sea Intervention

This numbered watch in Limited Serie has been developped for this Marine Nationale cell by DOLPHIN WATCHES with the help of Sébastien J (Premier Maître) and Olivier N Capitaine de Frégate) who authorized the symbols on the case and the dial.


Dolphin AGASM

S 600 AGASM - Rubis Section

General Association of Submariners Friendships

This watch in Limited Serie for AGASM (General Association of Submariners Friendships) has been developped for the members of the French Submarine Forces by DOLPHIN WATCHES with the help of the President of the « Rubis » Section Gérald T, who authorized the symbols on the case, crown and dial.

CEPHISMER PLD 2000 meters

Cephismer 2000 mètres PLD (crabe)

CEPHISMER - French Navy

World 1st M.N.diving tables on a DOLPHIN WATCH with CEPHISMER

This Limited Serie numbered watch has been developped for this cell of the French Navy by DOLPHIN WATCHES with the help of Frédéric L (Maître Principal) and Jord L (Capitaine de Frégate) who authorized the M.N. symbols on the case, the dial, the crown, and the deployant buckle.


Dolphin GMT Mistral

« GMT MISTRAL » Chronograph

DOLPHIN Prototype

This DOLPHIN Chronograph, with double Time Zone, allows to display Zulu Time and Local Time. Pushers and crown are screwed so as to obtain a 30 bars (300 meters) water resistance, developped by DOLPHIN WATCHES for a military use.


GMT Mistral COSC

« GMT MISTRAL » COSC Chronometer

58th Douai Artillery Regiment

DOLPHIN WATCHES, based on its asymetrical articulated case, has developped for the 58th Douai Artillery Regiment, a GMT automatic watch with a Swiss movement, with double time zones, so as to display « Zulu Time » and « Local Time », useful for launching Mistral missiles during OPEX.


Chronographe Dolphin

APNADF « Prototype » Chronograph

Pilots & Navigators French Customs Association

Thanks to Yves CHATINET, former helicopter navigator for the French Navy, who became navigator on the French Customs Airplanes, this beautiful chronograph was to be the one of the APNADF limited serie, but due to a late decision, the cases and movements had been sold out by the manufacturer. This induced us to select the same case and movement than the 58th Douai Artillery Regiment for APNADF.


DOLPHIN - Chronographe

DOLPHIN - Chronograph

58th DOUAI Artillery Regiment

DOLPHIN watches has regularly worked with the Officers of the French Artillery Land Forces so as to create small series of watches, adapted to the use of Land Forces. With the same Swiss case and Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement as for the 58th DOUAI Artillery Regiment, DOLPHIN Watches has created the Chronograph of the Pilots and Navigators of the French Customs (APNADF) .

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