S 600 AGASM - Rubis Section

General Association of Submariners Friendships

This watch in Limited Serie for AGASM (General Association of Submariners Friendships) has been developped for the members of the French Submarine Forces by DOLPHIN WATCHES with the help of the President of the « Rubis » Section Gérald T, who authorized the symbols on the case, crown and dial.

300 m
Water resistant
Movement MYOTA 9015 – 28 800 A/H – automatic – with « Côtes de Genève » finishing - dial with red and blue date at 9H00.
Case 43,5 mm, titanium, helium valve, screwed angraved and numbered back.
Crown Titanium, screwed crown at 9H00, to falitate the periscope use, engraved with the French Navy anchor.
Bezel Titanium, fixed with Wind Rose.
Glass Anti relection sapphire.
Band Black leather with red stitches and DOLPHIN brand underneath.
Limited serie 100 pieces with AGAS Certificate and lexicon explaining the dial's symbols.


2 years for parts and repair, except for proven strong shocks, falls, glass and crown breakage. A check-up, every 2 years, is advisable.

SAV : Christian MASSON à Cannes.
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agasmLexicon S 600 AGASM

THIERY Gerald, President
A.G.A.S.M. RUBIS Submarine section

Wind Rose: (on the bezel) Eye wink to the Submariners and their Superior Certificate.

CS (Superior Certificate): Recognition sign of our specifity and know-how.

Dagger: Landings of special agents and combat swimmers, ...

Mines around the hours: In memoriam of the submarine mine setter.

Red & Black hands: In recall of war acts on Jolly Roger (white : merchant marine ships, red : war ships),as the skull at the time of diesels and schnorchels…)

Lexique montre Dolphin AGASM

Left stadimetric scale: Reminds of the periscope with this scale which allows to determine the distance of a surface ship when running at periscope depth.

White dots: (at 2 & 6) in fact 10 and 30 seconds for those who know the necessary time for horizon security checking and certain urgents reactions.

Left winding crown: (submarines specialty) to avoid that the crown embeds itself in the wrist when taking standby position at the periscope, with M.N around the Navy anchor.

All in Red: Ambience color at night, and Submarines markings in past times, and black compared to the grey ships... the targets.

Jolly Roger: The Jolly Roger was given to the RUBIS -1st French Submarine & war ship to rally ENGLAND, then to the CURIE & the CASABIANCA though not FNFL. The Jolly Roger is an english war symbol which was authorized by Charles de Gaulle, to be flied over the national emblem, as an exceptional derogation for the RUBIS. The Rubis has effected 28 homologated missions (hereunder).

  • 22 minelaying missions (Mines)
  • 1 special agents landing (Dagger)
  • 5 ordinary missions (Stars) and surveillance patrols (*****)

White dash: Merchant marine ships sunk ( with a torpedo) minutes hand.

Red dash: war ships sunk, some with a black dot greatly damaged.

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