Tested with the French Navy

Our watches are tested in real situations

So as to meet our ongoing concern for a quality as high as possible, DOLPHIN has developped along the years, a real partnership with the French Navy and DGA, to perform quality and depth water resistance tests.

Test de résistance des montres


This watch developped with Cephismer (Human Diving Cell and Under the Sea Intervention) was first taken down to -1024 meters simultaneously with a Rolex Sea Dweller. Having succeeded in achieving this first test, still fixed outside the ROV 2000, the DOLPHIN watch was taken to -1850 meters, before reaching -1924 meters where the test was normally ended.

DOLPHIN Cephismer 2000 meters


DOLPHIN S 600 Titanium

Following the SNA (Attack Nuclear Submarines) submariner's request, DOLPHIN has tested the S-600 Titanium watch, which they use dayly, first at 30 bars with the help of DGA (General Management of Arms). Once this test was achieved with success, the watch was secured outside the turret of a SNA. And then for 3 entire days, the DOLPHIN S-600 Titanium watch has suffered the sub sea exercises of this SNA, which had just given a stinging lesson during international operations, to the Franklin Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

DOLPHIN S 600 Titanium
Test Marine Nationale

Mise a l'eau du scaphandre NEWTSUIT du Céphismer à bord du Jason

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Tests achieved by DGA for FRENCH NAVY

The entire limited serie, (100 pieces), of DOLPHIN Watches: F 600 FSM have been immersed at 30 bars, (300 meters), in a DGA hyperbaric compression chamber.

This DGA compression chamber, with its regulation equipments, allows compression and decompression tests up to 100 bars (1000 meters), in water conditions, (not simply air compression). Before extracting the watches from the compression chamber, pressure has to be decompressed from 30 bars to 0 bar.

Following these operations, DGA has issued a CERTIFICATE for MARINE NATIONALE confirming the successfull achievement of this immersion test of 100 DOLPHIN WATCHES at 30 bars.

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